• Thermo King Ghana

    Thermo King Ghana is a division of Atlantic Climate Control Ltd. Since its establishment in 1938 in Minnesota, Thermo King Corporation, (part of the Ingersoll Rand Group) has been offering a comprehensive range of product solutions specifically designed for the transport temperature control industry.

    The Thermo King brand is an industry leader in the manufacture of temperature and climate control systems for the transport industry. This covers equipment to control temperature in trailers, truck bodies, buses, railway cars, marine containers etc.

    Thermo King Ghana provides parts and support services for the complete Thermo King range of products in-use within the territory. Genuine Thermo King parts and accessories are available backed by full factory warranties.

    We provide maintenance and repair services on existing units in Ghana as well as installation of new units in all makes of trucks and buses to suit the purpose required. Our customers include pharmaceutical companies, cold store operators, transport companies, food distribution companies (fresh and frozen) and many more.

    At Thermo King, we seek to ensure the delivery of quality products and services, strengthen customer relations and establish a long lasting bond by providing the requisite expertise on technical refrigeration issues.

  • THERMO KING Ghana Products

    The Thermo King quality makes our products environmentally-responsible.

    Thermo King Ghana offers:

    1. Trailer Refrigeration units (Single and Multi Temperature)
    2. Van and Truck Refrigeration Units
    3. Vehicle-Powered Truck Refrigeration Systems
    4. Bus air- conditioning
    5. Train (Railway) air-conditioning and refrigeration
    6. Tracking Fleet Management System

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